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You are just minutes away from activating your lifetime membership. This may very well be your wisest investment all year! Lifetime access to the unclaimed money website with unlimited searches for yourself, family and friends.


“Russ, I have to be honest with you. At first, I was very skeptical of this whole unclaimed money thing. As you know, when we first spoke, I have done my snooping around the web on just about every unclaimed money site available. The more I talked to you, the more I realized how you are the genuine article and I am truly glad I met you. I FINALLY FOUND MY MONEY! woo hoo!!! The way you taught me to search was unlike anything I have ever heard about and YOU’RE RIGHT!!! Thanks man! This was well worth every penny!” JJ Smith – South Carolina

search-unclaimed-money-databasesUnlimited Searches From All 50 States Official Databases – If you are not searching the official sites, you may be getting ripped off. Even scammed! We are America’s Trusted Source For Finding Unclaimed Money & Property The Correct Way
unclaimed-property-officesNeed an address for the unclaimed property office in your area? Find phone numbers and addresses for all 50 states U.S. offices.
Vital Records SearchVital Records For All 50 States – Obtain Death Certificates In All 50 States. Claim Or Property From A Deceased Relative. Goes To Next Rightful Heir. Websites and Physical Addresses and Phone Numbers Included.
members-areaMembers area where you will find video, search tips, and explanation about the different kinds of unclaimed money and property.
pre-escheatSome claims have not been turned over to government offices and it is amazing how many government officials have no idea about how to find these claims or that they even exist. These difficult to find claims cost many owners Up To 60% of their money. Beat The professional finders at their own game by finding the claim on your own. It’s easy to see we are much more free searches.
finders-infoEarn a living as a professional finder helping others find their money. This program is 100% legal and regulated by government regulations of how much you can legally charge someone to help them locate their claim. How to become a claims finder for profit  –  An amazing unclaimed money at home business opportunity.
finders regulationsIf you decide to operate as a finder, it is important to understand the regulations for the state in which you are searching. Regulations link for all 50 states included.

It is estimated 7 in 10 Americans are due unclaimed money. This is THE most comprehensive unclaimed money and property  website available anywhere, and if you cannot find your lost money here, you will not find it anywhere! That’s a bold statement backed by my Iron-Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you do not find any money for yourself, family or friends, just let us know and we will gladly refund your money back the same day, with no questions asked.

Imagine the smile on your families faces when you show them the dough you have found. This is fun stuff!

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If you had a 70% chance of winning the lottery, would you play? I know I would. Well, this is about as close and you can get to winning the lottery: finding unclaimed money. It is out there! I hear from people every day who find it. Do yourself, your friends and your family a favor and take the time to see if you have some unclaimed money floating around waiting for you. The odds are truly in your favor. Register Now

My parents thought I was genius when I found their money. I’m no genius, I just knew where to look. You don’t have to be a rocket-scientist to do this, you just have to know how to do it correctly

Almost forgot! I worked hard and diligently developing this site from A to Z – cradle to grave, but I know you might get stuck at some point. I know you may need guidance or advice on where to go. Because of that, I am willing to include a free 15-minute phone consultation with me. If at any point you are stuck, I am prepared to answer your most burning question by phone or email. Keep in mind, this is a limited offer, as there are only 24 hours in a day, and I can only offer this free consultation as long as my schedule will allow. I gotta sleep, so I urge you to join now while my schedule will allow and sections are still available. This is normally valued at $150, but private access members won’t pay a dime.

“Found Money For Her Daughter, Boyfriend And Neighbor…”

“I just found money for my neighbor from an acct that was closed 26 years ago. I found an old life insurance policy from 12 years ago, for my daughter and I found uncashed checks from the state for a friend from work, and money for my boyfriend from an insurance policy. This is definitely a great site!” Thanks – Carol – Texas

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