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Unclaimed Money Expert

Russ Johnson - President, LLC.

"Who am I to be telling you how to search for unclaimed money? Some have referred to me as THE AUTHORITY on finding unclaimed money. Well, I'm flattered, but not certain anyone is truly an authority. However, I can assure you I have developed, and guarantee the most thorough way for you to find your cash.

In 1996, after watching a special about unclaimed money on Oprah Winfrey, I became excited and searched for unclaimed money in my name. The site featured on her show showed I had dozens of claims with my name on them. I became even more excited and quickly signed up paying $20 for three searches. It was only after I paid my money did I realize none of the "Russ Johnson's" were actually me, but other Russ Johnson's across the country. All of my searches were coming up blank and I was out twenty bucks.

Does this sound familiar?

After getting annoyed and frustrated by what seemed to be a lot of red tape, I stopped searching. Days later, I read an article in the newspaper about unclaimed money which sparked my curiosity once more. With a new fervor I started searching again. Though I still did not find money for myself, I learned a few simple search tactics and found my parents $2,985.65.
My Mom Had Tears In Her Eyes When She Got That Check!

That very same week, a friend dropped by to take an old couch off my hands. I told him how I had found money for my parents and was probably overly excited to show him how to use the same technique and skills I had uncovered to search his name.

I Found Eric $4,100 In 7 Minutes!

Not bad considering he only paid $200 for the couch.


If you can’t find your money through these resources, it does not exist! No matter what you may have seen on any other website. PERIOD!"

Listen to this audio message from Russ Johnson:




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