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First time here?  Read This First to learn how to conduct a thorough and proper search. (very important)

SEARCH TIP: New claims are added year round as millions of dollars are added to the billions already waiting to be claimed. If you do not find a claim today, do not fret. It is recommended you search at least every 2 months for all family member names.

A Claimant may file a claim WITHOUT the assistance of a paid professional finder. Your membership will not charge additional fees of any kind. Unless you are operating as a professional finder, you should NEVER pay additional fees to find your money. If you need assistance with your claim, please contact us via support desk.


What is Unclaimed Money? – Since 1940’s, the Department of Revenue has received BILLIONS in unclaimed property. This money is sitting in the Unclaimed Property Division/Section waiting for their rightful owners to claim. Unclaimed property is moved to the Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Division/Section generally after 2-5 years before the money is required by law to be turned over to the appropriate unclaimed property division..

Each year, the number of unclaimed property and money continues to grow with current estimates up to $400 billion dollars.

Currently, 7 in 10 Americans are estimated to be due back money they are unaware of.

Unclaimed Money & Property Search Links to state unclaimed property offices. Useful online databases. Be sure to utilize government bonus links at the bottom of this page for finding lost accounts and more.

Unclaimed Property Offices – Addresses and Phone numbers

Vital Records Offices and Addresses – Birth certificates, Death Certificates, and Marriage Certificates. Useful addresses for tracing claims to family members.

How To Become A Professional Unclaimed Money Finder – A step by step guide for finding unclaimed money and property. What is unclaimed money? How to find claims. How to trace claims. Making contact with rightful owners and much more.

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