Unclaimed Money in Iowa
Iowa Unclaimed Money


Imagine Sitting right where you are right now, and within a few clicks, finding a thousand, ten thousand or even $30,000 from an old stock left behind from a deceased relative. With odds 7 in 10 you are due to find missing money, there is a high likelihood this may happen to you. But you have to search! It's possible you have had a deceased relative had a safe deposit box containing jewelry, bonds, cash or other unclaimed valuables. After a long period of inactivity (2-3 years) on the deposit box, the bank would notice it hasn't been accessed and would attempt to contact the owner. In many cases, the home is sold, so they wouldn't know who or where to contact the next of kin.  By law, the bank is required to turn over the contents of the safety deposit box to the state of Iowa.  In most cases, the jewelry would be auctioned off for a cash value and Iowa would hold the remaining cash and bonds until the owner or next if kin comes claimed it.

If you want to find every claim waiting for you as well as other bonuses like how to find money for others and make a profit (YES! it's totally legal and regulated by the government), then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of our 30 day guarantee to the members only unclaimed money website.

We are truly here to help and do not hide behind our website. You will have direct access by phone or email to unclaimed money experts ready and willing to help! 

Russ Johnson - President
ShowMeMyMoney.com, LLC.

Who am I to be telling you how to search for unclaimed money? Some have referred to me as THE AUTHORITY on finding unclaimed money. Well, I'm flattered, but not certain anyone is truly an authority. However, I can assure you I have developed, and guarantee the most thorough way for you to find your cash.

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Iowa Unclaimed Money

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Unlimited Searches From All 50 States Official Databases - If you are not searching the official sites IN Iowa, you may be getting ripped off. Even scammed! We are America's Trusted Source For Finding Unclaimed Money & Property The Correct Way
 Iowa missing money Vital Records For All 50 States - Obtain Death Certificates In All 50 States. Claim Or Property From A Deceased Relative. Goes To Next Rightful Heir. Websites and Physical Addresses and Phone Numbers DIRECTLY TO Iowa Included.
Iowa found money How To Become A Claims Finder For Profit  -  An Amazing Unclaimed Money At Home Business Opportunity ALL Regulated By Government Agencies. You Really Can Find Claims For Others And Charge A Percentage Of The Claim. It's All Setup And Regulated By Government Treasury Agencies.
Iowa treasury Find Claims Which Have Not Been Turned Over To Government Offices. - These Difficult To Find Claims Cost Many Owners Up To 60% Of Their Money. Beat The Professional Finders At Their Own Game By Finding The Claim On Your Own. It's easy to see we are much more free searches.
nupd Direct Access Via Phone and Email To Unclaimed Money Professionals - When You need Help Or Have Questions Along The Way, We Really Are Here To Help. We Do Not Hide Behind Our Website. This Is An Exclusive Feature You Will Not Find On Any Other Unclaimed Money Website. Guaranteed!
Iowa lost money ZERO monthly fees & ZERO per search charges -  It Is Ridiculous To Pay Pay Per Search Charges Or Monthly Fees To Find Your Money. Especially When Most Of These Sites Only Supply A Fraction Of Claims Waiting To Be Claimed. These Sites are Simply BUYING Lists from The Same Sources You Will Be Searching Directly. Search The Official Sites and Conduct A Complete Search.

 I'm ready to have some fun and want immediate access to the unclaimed money website to search all 50 states official databases! 

Once approved, you will immediately receive our private members only web address to create your username and password.

If you decide to leave this site without testing the waters, just know you are risking being scammed by one of the dozens of unclaimed money websites out to take your money rather than help you find it. This is well documented and certainly something most sane people would prefer to avoid.

If you're like me, when I first heard of unclaimed money, I found it difficult to believe BILLIONS of dollars are just waiting to be claimed by people like us! 

My name is Russ Johnson and I'm excited to teach you how to find and claim your share of the estimated billions of dollars in unclaimed money sitting in government offices in Iowa and the other 49 states.

As unbelievable as this may seem, missing money and property owed to American citizens is being held by government offices in Iowa and all across this country.  In fact, an estimated 7 out of 10 Americans are due some type of claim.  In other words, you have a 70% chance of finding a claim for yourself or someone you know.  The best part is, millions of dollars are added to these piles of unclaimed assets every year, meaning your chance of finding lost money or property for you, your family, or your friends gets better all the time

Iowa and other states won't actively pursue you if you or a family member are owed this type or another type of unclaimed money or property.  It's amazing how our government has no trouble locating us when we owe tax, but when the reverse is due, they suddenly can't trace us down.

The scary part is a handful of states have now implemented a time limit on how long you have to make the claim before the state takes possession as it's own. In my opinion, this is robbery and shameful!

Don't you think it's time you located and claimed what is owed to you and avoid losing what's rightfully yours?

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Did you read the unclaimed money website member review above? When I read reviews like this, I just couldn't wait to learn how she did it!  How much longer will you wait to find out if Iowa or any other state owes you money?

Have you found your name doing free searches on other unclaimed cash web sites, only to find out they want to hit you with all sorts of fees just to find out if you were really in the missing money database, or just someone with the same name?  And then even if the information is accurate, they still want to hit you with ridiculous found money finders fees just to claim your money!

We do not run one of those sites which is going to mislead you with vague or inaccurate information like the majority of unclaimed money sites on the Internet. That's my personal commitment to you. 

“Thought It Was A Gimmick – Not Anymore.”

“I had an instant moment of regret...thinking (this) was a gimmick. BUT WITHIN 10 MINUTES I'VE LOCATED 3 OIL/GAS LEASE CHECKS IN CALIFORNIA THAT HAD MY PREVIOUS LAST NAME ON THEM (DIVORCED) AND ALSO FOUND MONEY FOR MY MOTHER AND BROTHER. All of this... just from checking out California! And we also have lived in Georgia and Texas, so I'm thrilled and can't praise your site enough!! AMAZING! – Catherine G.

“I tried using other web sites to find my claims. In fact I spent $60 at found money before finding your site. I would have never known the right way to go about this if it had not have been for your web site. Thank you! I found almost $6500 due to our family. Our money was not even listed at their web site, but your method helped me find three additional claims we didn't know about. I will certainly use you from now on” - J. McGill - New York


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